Villa — Soda brand by Ringnes
Villa is a well known soda brand from Norway produced by Ringnes. Our mission was to help Ringnes build the brand stronger for the future so they could reach new and younger target groups without loosing their loyal costumers.

With its champagne coloured look and fresh sparkling taste, its for many a favourite option daily but also a preferred alcohol free alternative to serve at family gatherings and celebrations both to young and adults. With this insight we know the product is already combined with festivity’s and we could now take advantage of this by strengthen this position by making it more premium and joyful.

Looking into the past of Villa’s history, we found the solution. In the old archive we discovered that the building on the label is a function house in Norway from 1930 that has been used as a dancing restaurant for many years. In old images we could see the house being surrounded by festive people dressed up in their finest clothes. 

In the new design we kept the most brand distinct element witch is the Villa and renovated it and updated it with a more premium, cheerful and young illustration style. The history is now also supported by the text of its origin from the 1960s. 

By invited people to a grand garden party at the Villa, we brought life and joy to the brand again. Resulting in a soda brand that both kept and highlighted its unique history, strengthen its position as the most luxury soda on the market and encourage celebrate your everyday life with Villa. 

Project done at Grid Branding in 2020
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