Sayfr, a communication tool for captains
Propel is a company dedicated to reduce incidents at sea. They came to us when they needed help with designing a new identity and expression for the new tool in one of their programs called “Sayfr”. This unique profiling tool is developed by Conexus, and identifies your values, interest and preferences. But the current design of the tool didn’t have the desirable style for the audience they were facing. 
Sayfr was going to be a conversation starter with commanders and captains on big ships. It was important that the overall look of the tool was serious and interesting, so that the audience would be open minded and curious. The tool was highly complex, with numbers, names, codes and colours that needed to be cohesive with over 52 unique parts, consisting of bricks, cards, boards, folders, etc. The different parts required different print and material qualities. In close collaboration with the printers, we made the fragments unbreakable, waterproof and some even whiteboard-marker friendly. By using colours, shapes and codes, we connected the dots to make the tool user-friendly.
The expression and presentation we designed for Sayfr is bold, masculine and intelligent. We created a premium look and feel that was maritime, yet modern and sophisticated to catch the commanders and captains full attention. Today Sayfr are being used time after time, maintaining the same high quality, and will stay relevant year after year. 
Project done in 2016 at Rethink Studio
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