Mjuk — Home textiles
Logo and visual identity for the new brand, Mjuk. The brand is a private label by Coop Norway, who believes in producing all you need for everyday life at an affordable price. “Mjuk” means soft in Norwegian and emphasizes the material of the product range, as it consists of home textiles such as towels, bedding sheets, blankets and more. 
We created a clean and compact logo, with the letters stacked together, giving it a unique look but still simple enough to be legible in different sizes, and also possible to be stitched on materials. Mjuk puts a lot of effort into choosing good products for a sustainable future. That’s why we created the symbol “Vi bryr oss” (meaning "We care" in Norwegian). This label made it possible to enlighten customers of the small actions the company makes that have a big impact, such as; removing all plastic around their Jersey sheets, resulting in 200.000 fewer pieces of plastic every year.
Mjuk was given a friendly and reliable tone and voice, to be able to connect with the target group. A carefully selected colour palette of calm tones was chosen to reflect the personality of the brand. The full identity was given a minimalistic layout with a typographical approach for a timeless look, so that the brand could live on for years to come.  

Project done in 2018 at Rethink Studio​​​​​​​
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