Matlyst — food festival
Matlyst is a new food festival in Norway organized by Ringsaker Kommune. The challenge was to create a new identity without yet knowing what the program would contain. It had to appeal to the locals of Ringsaker, both children and adults of all ages, and it would hopefully be a new festival tradition.
Ringsaker is known for cultivating quality food products and to have a diversity of food experiences in the municipality. With a new food festival coming up, it was important to not just be another farmers market, with a traditional look. It needed to look fresh and modern to make this an event you didn’t want to miss out on.
The solution was a bold, dynamic, yet timeless logo, surrounded by playful icons and quality raw food from Ringsaker. Colours were inspired by the dark and mysterious November nights and the warmth of the lights from windows, giving it a delicate contrast, which drew attention and reflected the season. The result was a distinct identity, easily recognizable that captured the crowd’s curiosity. Matlyst 2018 had fully booked events and a successful weekend with a lot of visitors experiencing the food of Ringsaker. 

Project done in 2018 at Rethink Studio

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