LocketInn is a new jewellery store business with seven boutiques across Australia. I was engaged in the process in 2015, when LocketInn was going through an entire rebranding process after new ownership. 
LocketInn needed a new identity, but most importantly, they needed a new strategy. Their current looks and expression had a young target group in mind, with lot of pinks and hearts and young girls  portrayed. We needed to look at their full potential; boys or husbands looking for gifts to give their mother, grandmother, sister, wife or girlfriend. We needed to get rid of all the white surfaces which gave the wrong impression of the price and we needed to take new photos and start to show the possibilities of how pretty these jewelleries could look. 
With elegant photos of carefully selected charms to the lockets and by giving the new identity a sophisticated and mature look; we opened up a whole new target group. Without changing the actual product, but only changing the identity and storefronts​​​​​​​; these simple changes shows how design can make a big impact of a business success.  
Project done freelance in 2015
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