NRA becomes Konekta

New name and visual identity for NRA – Norsk Rørallianse. An alliance made that combines Norways best technical entrepreneur companies together, providing services such as plummers, electro, automation, ventilation and so on.

The shortened name NRA, had some unfortunate associations connected to the American weapon organization with the same name. The name was also bound to only one service, a renaming was highly needed for the company future growth and credibility.

The new name Konekta is inspired by connecting companies, competence, projects and people, making them stronger together. Konekta is short, easy to remember, easy to say and focuses on the alliance without binding their company to a specific segment.

The logo is design to suit the industry and the masculine target group. The symbol is made to reflect how the alliance is strong because they work together, whereas the symbol is made of two different bolts strongly attached to one another. The color pallet his cleaned up and now got a bolder red color as primary color, and a powerful black and white pallet as contrast.

Project done at Grid Branding in 2021
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