Jul i Prøysenland
In close collaboration with Ringsaker kommune we created a magazine to promote Ringsaker as a Christmas destination. Our goal was to create a magazine that people would keep, but also a magazine that inspired people to visit during the holidays. The people of Ringsaker are filled with lots of local charm, love and personality. To emphasize and make the magazine honest and genuine​​​​​​​, all the content is written by Ringsaker, and photos are taken by photographers from the area. 
Throughout the magazine we used quotes from the folk song writer Alf Prøysen, who was born in Ringsaker and forever inspired by the beautiful surroundings in his lyrics. To capture the ultimate Christmas feeling -all the titles are handmade by us, giving the magazine that handcrafted touch.
By opening up and sharing the Christmas spirit and local touch in this magazine, the locals experienced a big difference in audience this year, welcoming people from all over Norway. 

Project done in 2018 at Rethink Studio​​​​​​​
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