Infra - Paint
Infra is one of Coop Norway's largest and most unique private brands consisting of interior and exterior painting and everything you need for the renovation process. In 2020 it was Infra it self that needed to clean up their product portfolio and renovate their brand.

Facing a big category, we needed more insights and found this by interviewing customers and staff. We followed the customer journey and uncovered that most people are excited and inspired with finding colours, but when they get into the store they feel lost and can't navigate without help from the staff. After finding the correct colours, they bring the span home and then googe or youtubing "how to paint". 

The new Infra design has a design system that not only look beautiful but is also made to make the customers experience easier. The new expression is based upon informative communication combined with contemporary colour combinations and modern typography. The back-side even got an easy and friendly explanation of how to use the product, and tips and tricks to get the perfect result. The design itself aim to streamline the purchasing process for both customers and in-store employees, making painting and renovating easy.

The series make use of established category colours but with a modern palette that stands out on the store-shelves. Clean surfaces and soft background-patterns in combination with clear typography make it easy to highlight important information, making you find the correct products.
Project done in 2019 at Rethink Studio

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