SPiiS by Coop
SPiiS is a new private label by Coop SA. Coop is one of Norway’s leading retail stores within food and non-food goods. At Coop you will find everything you need for your household, at an affordable price. SPiiS was going to be Coop’s new kitchen range, with over 300 new products including pots and pans, glasses, cutlery, kitchen and baking supplies.
Challenge; How to make an identity and packaging design to an inexpensive product that will help attract the costumers attention. The shelfs consisted of both cheaper and more expensive options. There was a lot of similar packaging with bright design expressions and lot of information. Therefore, we did the opposite! 
SPiiS were given a strong, elegant identity, with dark and tasteful photos. Information was stripped down to the essential. The identity stood out in its category by adding a timeless colour palette, yet unique typography and symbols. This resulted in a cleaner shelf system, and drew the audience into the area, giving the kitchen section a 36 % increase in 2018 sales.

Project done in 2017 at Rethink Studio