A new cook book by the master chef Arne Brimi
This cookbook is a collaboration between the master chef Arne Brimi and Coop's private kitchen range label, SPiiS. The cook book was going to contain 100 tasteful recipes, with dishes including everything from breakfast, pizza, starters and fish to deserts and more. 
Arne Brimi is a chef of good reputation and has published many cook books in his carrier. Among people he is specially known from TV shows where he makes food out in nature. Brimi is a traditional man, who has a strong belief that the dishes don’t need to be complicated to taste good. He truly believes that cooking good food doesn’t need to be as hard as everyone thinks. 
By choosing a strict grid and modern layout, this book respects Brimis core values. Inspired by the outdoors and his love for nature, we also found the colors in it. We used his distinct accent, and highlighted quotes from him, to make the book personal. The tasteful recipes are written by Brimi and the stunning photos are taken by the food photographer Mette Møller. 

Project done in 2019 at Rethink Studio

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